Benefits Of Installing A Remote Car Starter In Your Vehicle

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Remote car starters offer you some conveniences and benefits you might not have considered. They can be installed in your car by a qualified installer in just a few hours, and once complete, the starter is ready to use right away.

Vehicle Requirements

Remote car starters use a control box that the installer splices into the wiring harness of your vehicle. The box allows you to use a remote control to trigger the ignition and starter from a distance away. Because there is no one in the car when it starts, vehicles with automatic transmissions are best suited to remote start systems.

Most modern manual transmission vehicles have a clutch interlock installed that will not allow the engine to turn over without depressing the clutch pedal, so installing a remote start system is not possible without bypassing the interlock, which is not safe and may even be illegal. The vehicle would also need to be parked with the transmission in neutral, so it would mean having to find a spot that you could safely leave it and it not roll away. 

Beyond the transmission, there are no other limitations or requirements for these systems, however, a car with fuel injection may be a better option because they typically start easier in varying weather conditions and temperatures. 

Remote Starting And More

Remote car starters are easy to use, and once yours is installed, you will be able to start your vehicle before going out to where it is parked. Most remote car starters come with a key fob that you push a button on, and it sends a signal to start the car. These systems can have a limited range, but they work well if your vehicle is in the driveway at home. 

Alternatively, some remote car starters allow you to connect to the starter module with a cell phone. You can start your car and lock and unlock the doors, and the system even has a GPS locator built in so you can check the location of your car from your cell phone.

This feature can be helpful if you are parked in a large parking lot or someone has borrowed the car and you want to see where it is. If the car was stolen, you could use the tracking feature to let the police know where the vehicle is, making it easier to recover it. 

Check with the installer to determine what system would be best suited to your car and if there is a monthly fee for connectivity of the system in the car for GPS and phone connection to the system. Reach out to a professional like one at Sun Stoppers to talk about remote car starters.