Duo Lock Products That Are Featured Online

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If you recently purchased a new trailer that you will be towing behind your vehicle, adding a duo lock to the trailer hitch will prevent the theft of your investment. An online trailer lock supplier features metal lock systems that are suited for use on a variety of trailer models. 

The Parts Of A Hitch

Before you view the duo lock products that an ecommerce business sells, familiarize yourself with the parts of a standard hitch. The trailer hitch that you have purchased may have come equipped with a hitch diagram. This diagram will aid you in securing the trailer to your vehicle.

The hitch pin is the part that is designed to fit inside the receiver tube. The receiver tube is the long extension piece that attaches to your tow vehicle. The hitch ball will attach directly to the trailer coupler. Once you have matched the parts of the trailer hitch with the ones that are labeled on the diagram, you are ready to research duo lock products that are featured online.

A Duo Lock Product

An online duo lock supplier will feature products that are rated by weight and size. Some products may be designed for use with a particular hitch model. Some products may be listed as universal locks. Universal duo locks are designed to fit any type of trailer hitch.

Duo lock designs may require that a product is slid through a specific part of a trailer hitch. Some products may be designed to cover the trailer hitch ball. An online supplier will provide pictures of the lock products. The pictures that you view will give you a better understanding of how a lock product will need to be secured to a hitch.

Weather Resistance Factors And Visual Details

A lock that is constructed of heavy-duty steel or metal material that contains a rust-resistant coating will not become damaged by moisture, heat, or UV rays. This type of product is designed for use in any season.

When shopping for a lock, consider the visual details that a particular product possesses. An online supplier may sell locks that are brightly colored or that contain graphics and lettering. Purchase a product that is durable and attractive. A lock can be color-matched with the color of your tow vehicle or trailer. Once your duo lock has been shipped to you, practice securing it to your trailer hitch. The trailer should be on level ground when you attempt to install the lock.

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