3 Signs It's Time For Transmission Repair

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After the engine, an automobile's transmission is one of the most important parts of a car. Yet the transmission remains a source of mystery to many people. Unfortunately, this fact often leads to the need for costly repairs when a faulty transmission goes unheeded. This article will help protect you against catastrophe by teaching you to identify three important signs that it's time for some transmission repair.

Burning Odor

Clearly, any time your car starts to give off a burning odor, something is going wrong. While oil leaks and engine problems are the most frequent cause of such acrid smells, transmission fluid that is overheating can also cause this issue. Burned fluid is no longer able to keep your transmission cool the way it should. As a result, friction inside of the transmission will increase. Likewise, debris, corrosion, and sludge will begin to accumulate. Eventually these things will lead to the transmission breaking down altogether.

This problem often has two root causes. First, there is simply not enough fluid in the transmission. And what little fluid there is simply isn't able to get the job done without overheating. Second, use of an incorrect type of transmission fluid may lead to burning smells. If you have recently refilled your fluid, be sure to check that it matches the type of fluid recommended by your manufacturer.

Shaking, Jerking, And Grinding

A well tuned transmission should keep your car running smoothly, with no jerking, shaking. Likewise, it should not produce noises such as grinding. Any of these things points toward  a problem with your gears. In manual automobiles, this problem is most easily detected when shifting into gear. It may mean that your clutch needs adjustment, or even replacement. Likewise, it may signal problems with your gear synchronizers.

The problem manifests a little bit differently for automatic transmissions. At first it may simply seem like it takes a longer time than usual for the car to shift from one gear to another. Before long, however, the problem will escalate into a shaking, shivering sensation.

Noisy Transmission When Idling

Curiously, some transmission problems only seem to rear their head when the car is in neutral. Luckily, the solution to this problem is often relatively simple. If you notice bumping or knocking sounds when your car is out of gear, be sure to check your transmission fluid levels as soon as possible. You may find that your car is in need of more fluid. If not, it may be time to have your system flushed. Schedule an appointment with a transmission professional, such as American Transmission Center, as soon as possible.