Consider These Valuable Features When You Shop for a Backup Camera

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In terms of safety, having an aftermarket backup camera installed on your vehicle—either above the rear license plate or elsewhere in the area—is one of the best investments that you can make. The addition of this camera dramatically improves your ability to see what's behind you, making you feel safer about backing out of your driveway and parking. When it comes to shopping for this product, there are a variety of cameras on the market at several different price points. Keeping your budget in mind, it's worthwhile to look for cameras that have the following useful features.

Nighttime Visibility

Higher-end backup cameras offer greater visibility during nighttime driving due to the presence of better sensors. When you opt for a lower-end camera, it can still do the trick during the day but will likely leave you with a less-than-clear image when you're trying to back up at night. As you compare models, ask the sales representative to show you nighttime footage shot by some of the different models of camera that you're considering. Opting for a model that provides enhanced viewing after dark is especially important if you frequently drive at night.

Impact Rating

If you're getting a backup camera installed on a vehicle that you use for driving off rugged terrain—for example, an SUV that you take camping or fishing — you want to be sure that the camera will stand up to the rigors of the terrain. The last thing you want is for the vibration to knock the camera off somewhere along the route. Check the impact rating of the cameras that you're considering. Many models are designed for off-road capabilities and offer a higher impact rating than those that are best to use exclusively when you're driving around the city. Some of these models are also water resistant or waterproof, which can be a desirable feature depending on how you use your vehicle.

Freeze Resistant

You might not initially think about it, but you want to be sure that your back-up camera will continue working even if you live in a cold climate. Just as your standard camera might act sluggish when you attempt to shoot photos outside in the winter, the same can happen for lower-end backup cameras when the temperature is below or around freezing. As you shop, make sure that you select a model of camera that is freeze resistant to a specific temperature that suits your climate.

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