Creating Thank-You Gift Packs For New Car Buyers

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One way to help build relationships with customers so they keep coming back to your car dealership is to thank them for your business. Thank-you gift packs can be a great option for both new and used car dealerships. Here are some ideas you can use to create these gifts so they are meaningful and useful for your new car buyers.

Promotional Air Fresheners

Adding an air freshener to a new car can keep it smelling great, mile after mile. Consider having promotional air fresheners for cars printed with your dealership's name and phone number, and select several scents for this gift idea. You can add two or more different scents to each gift pack so customers can use the one they like the best. Pine, apple spice, and "new car smell" are all great options.

Trunk Organizers

Trunk organizers are useful for keeping a new car clean and tidy, and they can also offer a handy way to sort car accessories, roadside emergency gear, and even children's toys. Choose a collapsible design that can be stored away easily when not in use, and have your company logo printed on the side. You can also customize this idea further by having several made with the car manufacturer's name or logo on the side so you can match the car organizer to the type of vehicle being purchased. Another reason to select this item is that you can use it to stash all the other gifts you provide your customers in the thank-you pack.

Roadside Safety Kits

Giving your customers a roadside safety kit with every purchase means they are instantly ready for potential roadside emergencies. Choose a kit that includes flares, emergency blankets, a first aid kit, and hand warmers, or choose a deluxe kit that also comes with smartphone battery packs, a crank radio and flashlight as well.

Dual Car Chargers

Dual car chargers are a particularly great option for used car dealerships that might sell vehicles made before car chargers and USB ports were readily offered in cars. Consider adding your dealership's name to the chargers, and pair this promotional item with a portable power bank that can be used in or out of the vehicle.

Children's Gifts

If you are selling a car to a family, be sure to add some goodies for the little ones. Coloring book kits complete with crayons can be a fun addition to your thank-you gift packs, giving children a way to stay busy in the backseat. Plush toys, board books, and even toy cars can also make exciting gifts for car buyers with children.

Put all of the gifts together, and include a hand-written thank you note. You can present the gift to your customers at the time of purchase, or you can leave them in the trunk for a fun surprise.