Your Simplified Guide To Installing Racing Seat Brackets

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Installing a racing seat in your vehicle is one of the quickest and easiest ways to up its element or racing style and evolve the vehicle's personality. However, installing a racing seat means you will have to install new seat brackets in the floorboard, which is not always an easy feat without the proper instruction. Here is a simple guide to follow to ensure you end up with your new racing seat perfectly situated in your ride. 

1. Disconnect the battery cables before you get started. 

You'll be working with your door open for a while and there can be electrical components connected to the existing car seat, so make sure you disconnect the battery before you do anything else. This will prevent you from finishing installation only to find you have a dead battery. 

2. Take note of the current seat's position. 

Even though it can be hard to tell, your car seat may be slightly out of line with the steering column. Your new seat will need to be installed in exactly that same position. If you have carpeted floors, once you remove the existing brackets, the indentations and bolt holes can grow less visible as you work. Use a piece of chalk to carefully mark the placement of the existing brackets before you actually remove them. 

3. Put the factory floor bolts in a safe place. 

The floor bolts that are used to hold the existing brackets in place will likely need to be reused, and they are easy to lose as you are taking out the seat. Grab them from their receptacles and drop these bolts in a little baggie or box so you can grab them later. While your new racing seat brackets will come with standard bolts most of the time, these bolts probably will not fit the existing holes that are already drilled. Therefore, it's much easier to use the bolts the car came with. 

4. Finger tighten the bolts and install the seat to test. 

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it's best if you test the new brackets with the seat in place before you completely tighten them down. It can be time-consuming to tighten everything in place, install the seat, and then see you have to take everything apart and make adjustments. Once you have the brackets in the proper position, remove the seat and tighten everything accordingly. 

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