5 Tips For Applying & Positioning A Custom Car Magnet

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A custom car magnet is a great way to let people know about your business without changing the appearance of a car. A custom car magnet is also great because you can put it on your vehicle and take it off whenever you want. You don't always have to keep your custom magnet on your vehicle or you can swap out different custom magnets with different messages.

#1 Clean Your Vehicle

Before you apply the car magnet to your vehicle, you need to clean it. A dirty vehicle will interfere with the contact between the magnet and your vehicle. The magnet may look fine at first but may fall off when driving.

Wash your vehicle using car washing soap. Take a sponge and scrub in a circular motion. Rinse the area after you scrub it clean. It is a good idea to wash the area twice where you will be applying the magnet.

After you wash your vehicle, use some microfiber towels to dry off your vehicle. You don't want to leave behind fuzz on the vehicle that you spent so much time cleaning.

#2 Clean the Magnet

Before you put the magnet on your car, you want to make sure that the magnet is clean as well. Dirt on the magnet will also interfere with the magnet's ability to bond with the surface of your car. Use some soap and a soft sponge to clean off your magnet and dry it off with a microfiber towel.

#3 Check the Temperature

When it is really cold outside, your magnet may be a little stiffer, which will cause the magnet to not properly grip your vehicle. If you are applying a car magnet in the winter time, you should apply the car magnet inside a heated garage. Warmer conditions make the magnet more flexible, which makes it easier for the magnet to adhere to your vehicle.

#4 Choose the Right Surface

Next, make sure that you choose the right part of your vehicle. You want your magnet to go on a part of your vehicle that is as flat as possible. The location of your magnet depends on the size of your magnet. A long, thin horizontal magnet may work perfectly on your bumper, whereas a larger, square magnet would work better on your car door.

#5 Start at a Corner

When it is time to actually apply the car magnet, attach one corner of the magnet to the car. Then allow the magnet's nature to pull the magnet in. Push on the magnet and make sure that you get rid of any air bubbles. 

When attaching a car magnet to your vehicle, always clean your vehicle and the magnet first. Apply the magnet in a clean environment, and make sure that you get rid of all air bubbles for a clean application. Remember, if you don't like how the magnet is positioned, you can take it off and try again. You can find more information about custom car magnets by contacting a local marketing agency such as ARC Marketing.